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Start or continue your fitness journey today with my selection of online courses that fit your lifestyle, level and needs; there’s a course suited to every goal.

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I’ve been a fitness and nutrition coach for over 10 years, providing one-to-one personal training and healthy lifestyle coaching for people of all ages and abilities.  I live inTavistock on the edge of Dartmoor with my German Shepherd (and training buddy) Harley. I’m passionate about inspiring, motivating and supporting people to achieve the wellbeing goals or training targets that can transform their life. I can help you to achieve your goals through:

Your options

8 week plans

Wanting to work out flexibly from home but with the encouragment, experience and guidance of a personal trainer?

Online Nutrition

Wanting to eat more healthily, gain more energy, sleep better or perhaps just support your training goals?

Personal Training

My workouts are challenging but fun and will see you progress at a pace that’s matched to your skills and abilities. 

The benefits

1. In your own time

We all live very busy lives – no matter if you’ve got children, a demanding job, a long commute or whatever it may be – they can all eat into your time for training! My online courses and personal training means you’ve got the flexibility to train in your own time – whenever that may be!

2. At your own pace

It’s important that you train at a pace that’s comfortable for you. Each of my courses are aimed at taking your fitness to the next level whilst having fun along the way!

3. Covid Secure

The coronavirus has changed the way we all look at our lives. My online courses give you the ability to train from the comfort of your own home so no matter if you’re shielding, isolating or just don’t want to train with lots of other people, this is a great solution! You’ll also avoid those cold winter drives to the gym!