About Me

I’ve been a fitness and nutrition coach for over 10 years, providing one-to-one personal training and healthy lifestyle coaching for people of all ages and abilities. From my home in Tavistock on the edge of Dartmoor, I help clients reach their training goals through online personal training and a range of courses.

Tailored Training that works for you

I support my clients with tailored workouts, exercise programmes, online personal training and one-to-one fitness coaching. I also offer bespoke nutrition plans.  I work with my clients to identify and adapt to lifestyle-friendly changes that improve their body confidence, fitness levels and personal wellbeing.

We can all benefit from a little motivation and encouragement to achieve our goals in life. With support and advice from your own personal trainer, it can be easier to hit the healthy lifestyle targets you have it in you to achieve.

Achieving your specific goals

My clients have hit weight loss goals, improved strength and conditioning, increased fitness levels and celebrated body transformations, with my fitness programs and one-to-one support. I am also a specialist in GP and exercise referrals. I help people take the first steps in their physical rehabilitation after a diagnosis or injury that’s affecting their health or mobility.

Start making a positive change

Becoming fitter for life is not a fad or a quick fix. It’s about the changes you have it in you to make and the goals that, with support and guidance, you can achieve. If you’re ready for that change or need motivation, then let’s explore how we can take those first steps together. Get in touch to find out more and begin your personal fitness journey with me.