Personal Training

I’ve been a fitness and nutrition coach for over 10 years, providing one-to-one personal training for people of all ages and abilities. I’m able to deliver online personalised training programmes to follow in the gym or at your home, depending on which you prefer. Taking the fear-factor out of personal training, they’ll be challenging but fun and see you progress at a pace that’s matched to your skills and abilities.


£259 per month

If you’re looking for tailored training from your own home, then this is definitely the option for you. Some people don’t like going to a gym, others might struggle to find the time to head out and train. This gives you the best of both worlds; tailored training that’s fun and aimed at getting you to where you want to be; could be gaining more energy throughout the day, losing weight or generally living a healthier lifestyle.

Online Personal Training

£169 per month

Some people prefer to train away from their home and the distractions it can sometimes bring – dog barking, phone ringing…. you get the picture. If you prefer to get out for an hour and enjoy some fun, personalised and tailored training sessions then this is the option for you. Train anywhere, anytime with programs designed around you and start getting your results.

zoom personal training

£180 per month

Due to the covid pandemic we have all learned to adapt to life in different ways, I have had great fun adapting through lockdowns with my clients to keep them on track and progressing towards their goals and am now very pleased to be able to offer one 2 one or small group training (1 device) sessions via zoom. So if you want bespoke training from the comfort of your home at a time that suits you but dont live in west oxfordshire then this is a great alternative!

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